Friday 12 November 2021

Wales Enterprise Day


Jane Lambert

For the last three years, the Menai Science Park (M-SParc) has contributed to World Intellectual Property Day.  Every year the celebrations focus on a different theme. This year's was Taking Your Ideas to Market. As I wrote in Menai Science Park's Contribution to World IP Day 2021, that theme "could not be more appropriate for the Menai Science Park because that is what it does all through the year."

As in previous years, Emily Roberts asked me to help her choose speakers for the event.  I discussed her request with Richard Fraser-Willaims of Business Wales.  It quickly became clear to us that the topic was far too large for a single webinar.  Richard suggested that we should concentrate on start-ups on World Intellectual Property Day. If that event was successful we could hold a second on scale-ups in Autumn.  I passed on Richard's suggestion to Emily and she agreed.

I am glad to say that our contribution to World Intellectual Property Day 2021 was a great success.  Accordingly, Emily asked me to suggest a programme for the Autumn event.   I proposed:

Emily accepted my proposal but asked:
"Is there a significant date in those months, for example connected to IP or scaling up in some way?"

I replied:

"There is a British intellectual property day on 1 July but not many people have heard of it.

Why don't we create our own Diwrnod Eiddo Deallusol Ynys Môn, Diwrnod Eiddo Deallusol Ynys Menai or if we can enlist the support of the Welsh government, the Senedd, the IPO, the Welsh Universities, business and other institutions, even a Diwrnod Eiddo Deallusol Cymru on whatever day we choose?"

A few days later Emily sent a draft Eventbrite card promoting our seminar in celebration of "Wales Enterprise Day."

Our webinar on scaling up took place yesterday.   I thought it was the best seminar on IP that we have ever presented to M-SParc.  I thank all the speakers for their excellent presentations.   But our seminar was followed by a much bigger event: "Den y Dreigiau" a great angel and seed-funding pitching event operated in conjunction with Global Welsh

That was a magnificent opportunity to see the achievements of the businesses that have developed in M-SParc. There were some that I already admired such as Haia and Cufflink but I learned about others in agricultural technology, environmental protection, therapeutics, veterinary devices and other fields that are also great.  All the presenters spoke passionately.  All were impressive.  I wish them every success in their endeavours.

In the room from which our seminar was hosted, there is a bell to announce good news.   Emily rang that bell when Sean Thomas announced that he will hold regular IP clinics in M-SParc with a bit of help from Andrea Knox and me.  Sean has now moved back to Anglesey (which happens to be his birthplace) and will practise from the island.   It would appear from IP-Reg's database that he will be the only patent or trade mark attorney in Wales to the northwest of Chepstow.

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