Tuesday 26 March 2019

Intellectual Property for Startups and other Small Businesses

IP for Start-ups and other Small Businesses from Jane Lambert

Last Friday I was invited by Business Wales to lead a seminar on Intellectual Property for Startups and other Small Businesses at the Beacon Enterprise Centre.  I had a very mixed audience that included an academic operating a social network, a branding consultant, a components' supplier, information technology consultants, a software developer and a solicitor.

As it was a Friday afternoon and my audience was quite a small group I decided not to subject it to a Powerpoint lecture but to ascertain the sort of issues that had arisen in their business, analyse those issues and finally resolve them. It became clear that most of those issues related to branding, trade secrets and confidentiality and copyright.  Nobody was interested in a patent though some were not aware of the fact that they had developed protectable technology

To assist my audience and similar businesses elsewhere, I have uploaded my slides and handouts to Slideshare.   The slides are available above.   The handouts are accessible through the following links:
I also showed the audience this website and its relation to my main website at NIPC Law.

Anyone wishing to discuss this presentation or any of the handouts should call me on 020 7404 5252 or send me a message through my contact page.

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