14 March 2019

Basic Information

21 Apr 2017   What is a patent?  NIPC Law

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IP Strategy

26 Mar 2009   Investing wisely in IP - my 6-Point Plan for any Business NIPC Inventors Club

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Applying for a Patent

28 Mar 2019    Patents Basics - Should I get a Patent NIPC Wales

 28 Aug 2016   Patent or no Patent NIPC Inventors Club

 1 Nov 2019   Applying for Patent Protection through the Patent Co-operation Treaty without a Patent Attorney  NIPC Inventors Club

Entitlement Actions (Disputes over Ownership of Patents)

 6 Aug 2015   Disputes over ownership of inventions  IP South East

IP Insurance

 1 May 2016   IP Insurance: CIPA's Paper   NIPC Inventors Club


13 Sept 2017  How to make Money from your Invention NIPC Inventors Club

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Revoking Patents

21 Aug 2017   Patent Revocation FAQ  NIPC Inventors Club