Thursday 14 March 2019

Welcome to NIPC Wales

Jane Lambert

When on holiday in Beaumaris last August I amused my companion by showing her the village in Anglesey with the 58 letter name.  Just to the northwest of that location near the entrance to the A5 dual carriageway, I noticed a building that described itself as the Menai Science Park or M-SParc. I wrote about it in M-SParc, Anglesey's Science Park 28 Aug 2018 NIPC News.

I contacted the science park after I returned from holiday.   They invited me to the Angeleeesy Business Festival which took place on 9 and 10 Oct 2018.  I attended the second day of the festival and wrote about it in Anglesey and the Fourth Industrial Revolution 12 Oct 2018 NIPC News.  While I was there I met Selwyn Owen of Beacon Biorefining and Jayne Jones of Cywain.

Beacon and Cywain held a workshop on sustainable packaging and waste management in Bangor on 29 Jan 2019 which Jayne and Selwyn invited me to address.  Several members of the audience approached me after my talk and asked for advice on issues affecting their businesses.  These were issues that arise frequently at my clinics at Barnsley and Sheffield and I was able to answer them quickly and easily.

At the beginning of this month, I returned to M-SParc to celebrate the park's first anniversary, which happened to coincide with St David's day, with the Pitch Perfect pitching event (see A Good Way to spend St David's Day 2 March 2019 NIPC News). Several of the candidates requested my advice on various IP issues which again I was able to supply quickly and easily.

I received more invitations to speak following those visits.   Yesterday I was in Aberystwyth for another talk on IP and sustainable packaging and waste management (the slides for which are on SlideShare).  On 22 March 2019, I shall deliver a half-day seminar on IP rights at the Beacon Enterprise Centre in Llanelli for Business Wales.

Throughout my career, I have specialized in advising and representing startups and other small businesses on IP, technology, media and competition law.  I set up and chaired for many years the Leeds, Liverpool and Sheffield Inventors Clubs.   I have run pro bono IP clinics in Barnsley, London and other cities for many years.   I wrote Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights which was published by Informa in 2009. 

I communicate with my clients and potential clients in English regions through blogs such as IP  Yorkshire. Now that I am doing more work in Wales I have set up this blog to discuss issues that are likely to be of particular interest to entrepreneurs, innovators and creative businesses in Wales. They will include news of forthcoming talks, clinics, disputes involving Welsh businesses and issues that arise frequently in clinics.

I hope this will be useful,    Should anyone wish to contact me, he or she can call me on 020 7404 5252 during office hours or send me a message through my contact form, 

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